Mall Advisory

Whether a new shopping centre thrives or fails depends largely upon what happens long before it opens. We recognize that shopping centers are becoming ever more complex in their mix  of uses, patterns of trading and management information systems. That is why property developers need to plan early, anticipate demands and operational needs and ‘future proof’ their schemes in order to maximize performance. Mallz Holding works alongside the developers and the project team in order to help clients prioritize business critical issues, and plan and action management inputs in the development process in readiness for centre opening.  Mallz Holding complements the developers’ skills to help reduce costs and increase revenues.

We advise them in areas of:

  • Business Planning
  • Design optimization
  • Design criteria manual
  •  Non rental income forecasting
  • Car park income forecasting
  •  CAM working & projections
  • Retail Mix Planning & Zoning
  • Tenant selection
  • Shop fit management advisory
  • Mall operations handbook
  • Launch marketing Rent projections
  • Anchor / Vanilla strategies
  • Systems selection & integration advisory
  • Project Transition
  • Client Reporting
  • Back of house facilities review
  • Parking Review
  • Customer Circulation and Amenities
  • Common Area treatments
  • Fit-out management.