Facility Management

Facility  management refers to the integration of people, place, process and technology in a building. It also means optimal utilization of resources to meet organizational needs. It broadly includes infrastructure, ambience and traffic management.

  • Infrastructure Management – Infrastructure management refers to the management of facilities provided to the tenants within the mall. This includes provision of adequate power supply, safety issues in case of emergency and miscellaneous issues related to signage, water supply, sanitation, etc. These form an integral part of mall management as they are the basic amenities that any tenant would look for in a mall. Infrastructure management also includes risk management issues such as essential safety measure asset liability and environmental audits as well as emergency and evacuation training.


  • Ambience Management – The overall shopping experience provided for consumers becomes an important factor for the success of any mall. Ambience management includes management of parks, fountains and overall look of the mall. A mall is not just a place for shopping but is also a place where people spend their leisure time. In favorable, lush green landscaping with seating facilities and the presence of food and beverage inside or outside the mall can increase foot traffic.


  • Traffic Management – Traffic management includes managing foot traffic into the mall and parking facilities. Foot traffic management involves crowd management inside the operational area of a mall. The flow of people is related to the design of the mall and the spatial distribution of its tenants. For example, a star-shaped mall tends to have a problem of crowding in the centre of the mall, as everyone has to pass through the centre while moving from one side to the other. Circular malls, on the other hand, would not have this problem. They tend to have better pedestrian flow and less congestion. Managing parking facilities includes provision of ample parking and maneuvering of cars in the parking lot.