Our Strategy

Until very recently, mall management was synonymous with facility management in the mind of most developers. The realization that they are different and that professional mall management will affect the long-term viability and success of a mall is sinking in gradually and is being accepted across developers, landlords and retailers. The shortcomings pertaining to issues of mall management in UAE have been discussed in the previous section. To overcome these shortcomings, developers must conduct professional mall management practices starting from rigorous feasibility exercise or market research to facilities, ambience and finance management of a mall. In most of the developed markets, mall management is an established independent service line. The retail sector in these developed economies is mature in terms of end-consumer demand, number of retailers and experienced developers. In UAE, retail is an emerging market having immense potential in terms of opportunities.

To ensure that a mall attracts retailers and consumers, professional mall management  is a necessity. The mall market is an extremely competitive one, having a high degree of internal and external competition, the latter being from established high-street locations across all cities.